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Art of Travel

Looking to Travel Abroad? Here are 5 Amazing Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are like most people on earth, you love staying in your comfort zone – a space where all your activities and behaviors fit a fixed pattern. The reason it is so tempting is that comfort zones minimize stress and anxiety.

However, there’s a catch. No great thing has ever been achieved in one’s comfort zone. From Jeff Bezos quitting at age 30 to start his own company to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson ditching his football career to join WWF, there are many stories of people breaking the comfort zone trap and doing something great in life.

Traveling Abroad – Getting Out of the Rut

Traveling abroad can be your first step out of the comfort zone. It will open your mind to new and exciting possibilities.

The incredible thing about traveling abroad for the first time is that it is both scary and exciting at the same time. Worry no more though, as we, at Art of Travel, can help you kill the rut and predictability from life. Below, we’ve outlined 5 travel tips to get you started:

Pack Light

When thinking of planning for travel, the first thing that comes to mind is packing. As a rule of thumb, take the bare minimum with you – if you need something else, you can buy it there.

Make sure you know the activities you will be doing and pack accordingly.

One clothing tip: take comfortable and loose clothes with neutral colors.

Be Flexible

Now you might have a tight budget and a fixed itinerary carefully planned out, but trust us, it’s great to experiment.

You might meet a fellow traveller who recommends an amazing cultural activity or a restaurant that you hadn’t heard of. It will be totally worth it to try the new venture.

Get to Know the Locals 

One of the best things about international travel is that you get to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. You get to see things from another perspective – one that might change the way you look at things.

Never miss a chance to communicate with the locals. Ask questions about their culture, way of life and so on. We bet they will have some very interesting stories to share.

Wake up Early 

You might think that since this is a vacation, why bother to get up early. However, it is just around the time of sunrise that you can truly experience any place’s true splendor.

From seeing the beautiful sunrise to experiencing a city come to life, you will have some of the best memories early in the morning.

Step Away from the Camera

Truly enjoying a place requires you to be in the ‘NOW’ – to fully experience it with all your senses. To do this, it is very important to set your cameras and phones aside.

You will have plenty of time to take pictures, but for now, be in the moment and enjoy the place in all its brilliance.


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