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Sri Lanka

7 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

Let me give it to you as it is, folks. Right now you’re wondering why you would even consider Sri Lanka as a travel destination. You’re thinking, if you’re gonna spend your money on an international vacation, it should be insta-worthy, fancy, something you can continue talking about even when your friends beg you to stop. But most of all, it should be worth the big hole you’re burning in your savings, right? Well, believe us when we tell you, Sri Lanka is all that and so much more! Check out our compilation (in no specific order) of the top reasons why your next holiday should be in Sri Lanka.

1. Golden Beaches: Sri Lanka has a lot to offer when it comes to crystal clear beaches – whether you’re looking for a deep dive across brightly colored coral reefs, craving a secluded region for some undisturbed me-time, in the mood to be pampered at a beachside luxury boutique resort or in search for that perfect kayaking, jet ski, or surf spot – you’ll surely find your perfect patch of paradise in Sri Lanka.

2. Kitugala – the ultimate adventure spot: The famous adventure activity center at Kitugala is hands down one of our favorite places in all of Sri Lanka. The stretch of Kelani River near Kitugala has numerous foamy rapids providing the perfect location for white water rafting whether you’re a beginner or a pro! Bouncing and swiveling through the turbulent waters of Kelani is an experience like no other. Canyoning is another MUST – hiking through the deep green rainforests, sliding along thrilling natural slopes, jumping off of cliffs and abseiling down the Kitugala waterfall! Intrigued? Check out our Adventure Bucket List to Sri Lanka now!


3. Wild Life Jeep Safaris: Sri Lanka also has about 5,800 wild elephants and the biggest concentration of leopards in the entire world. See them in their natural habitat in one of the national parks along with sloth bears, deer, crocodiles, buffaloes, mongooses, wild boars, golden jackals and many other wild animals.

4. Blue Whales & Elephant Migrations: Sri Lanka is quickly emerging as one of the world’s best spots for whale watching. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast looking to share the seas with the planet’s largest mammal, plan your trip anytime between February to April and have your wish fulfilled. However, don’t despair if your trip happens to fall on a month later in the year because the dry season i.e. May to September is the perfect time to catch elephant migrations in Sri Lanka!

5. Amazing people; Fascinating culture: Sri Lankans are warm, hospitable and super friendly. You’ll find this nature reflected in their soft expressions, genuine smiles and eagerness to help out. So don’t be surprised if a driver, guide, or just a friendly local down the street invites you to their home. The Sri Lankan way of life is filled with humility and extremely appreciative of nature and simplicity. However, don’t take that to mean that the culture here ain’t rich! The blend of religious communities and the history of colonialism in the country has given birth to a unique and characterful culture – from timeless ruins, colonial forts and legendary temples to richly spiced food, scenic tea plantations and eight UNESCO World Heritage sights, Sri Lankan culture truly is a thing of beauty.

6. Adam’s Peak & Sigiriya: Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) has had the attention of religious folk for the longest time. The footprint in the rock atop the fourth highest peak of Sri Lanka is attributed to Buddha, Adam, St. Thomas and even the Hindu God Shiva. But the spellbinding panoramic views at sunrise from the top of this mountain are reason enough to attract not just pilgrims, but tourists and hikers from across the globe to make the steep 7 km climb at night. Sigiriya (or the eighth wonder of the world – as locals like to call it) is perhaps one of the most phenomenal sights in Sri Lanka. The bewildering vertical rock rises up 370 meters above the sea level and is famously known to contain the ruins of an ancient civilization. The stunning surrounding landscape and the ancient carvings all the way up the bedrock only add to Sigiriya’s charm.

7. Fusion Cuisine in Sri Lanka: If you consider yourself a ‘foodie, you’re in for a real treat! The Sri Lankan culinary experience borrows from its South Indian neighbors as well as the Dutch, Portuguese and British colonial eras. Even the Arabs and Malays have left their marks on the country’s local cuisine. So don’t be surprised by the vastness of the experience or the variety of flavors across cities! Indulge in the richly spiced local dishes, grab snacks from food vendors in the streets and don’t forget to try the famous Wattalappam, Lamprais, hoppers, and the yummy Sri Lankan curry.




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